Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Well, I did manage to get my longer runs in - but I managed to get shin splints in the process! Very frustrating - did two 16km long runs, with a row in between, and was feeling very pleased with myself. A few twinges in the week meant I kept off the treadmill and did CV work on the cross-trainer and ergs. I managed a fast 5k without too much damage, but three miles into a planned 15 miler felt the shin splints come on... The two miles home were unpleasant :(

I took a week off training to try and heal myself. My left leg seems normal now, but I still have pain on impact in my right leg. SO, still off the roads and the treadmill :( I miss running terribly, but have rowed Women's Head of the River (this Saturday) and started a new training regime while I recover. I do a morning swim and an evening CV/strength session in the gym to try and keep things ticking over until I can start putting down the mileage.

Did 40 minutes swimming Monday and Tuesday morning (reckon that's about 60 lengths), and put in 45 on the cross trainer yesterday; hoping to up it slightly for today's session...

Fingers cross this will keep my CV fitness up, and help build up my calf muscles to stop me having another shinjury!

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