Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Marathon Training Blog


If you're here, it's probably because you clicked a link from my Just Giving webpage; thanks for stopping by!

Here you can read about my training exploits as I build up to April's big race.

Today's training:

A nice morning row in a four with the lovely ladies of JCBC; managed to get some good long pieces in by being a bit sneaky and spinning on the reach to row down to Jesus lock and back. We were working at a low rate, steady state, with a couple of power 10s thrown in for good measure. Also did some front slide builds to help get our strokes in time. Session aim was to decelerate down the slide, and have lots of time at the catch, then an acceleration through the stroke to a strong finish. I need to focus on drawing up and sitting back to a strong position, to help maintain my power at the end of the stroke.

This evening I'll be gyming at Abbey Pools (an excellent local facility I would highly recommend to denizens of Cambridge); looking to put in a bit of distance as I was ill last week and didn't manage a long run. Hopefully get 10k out on the treadmill, though I may have to reassess if the place is super busy!

If you're interested in my mileage, I post after every run to twitter. Why not follow me there?

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