Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Went for a 15km long run today. Initially I was only going to do 10km, but it felt nice and easy, so I kept on it. Managed to keep myself under the 5min/km average pace too, so very pleased.

It's been just under a month since I started tracking my mileage, and I find it's really encouraging to see my progress. I think I'd be tempted to slack off if it wasn't so easy to see the results of my efforts, laid bare on the GPS screen! It also helps to know when training isn't working; seeing my performance drop means I can swap and change around my plans with more confidence. I've found that sometimes when I think I'm moving at my slowest because things seem really hard, I'm actually running faster (which is probably the reason it hurts more!).

I've been worrying that rowing training won't help increase my fitness levels as much as extra running would, but today's run has helped reassure me it's still useful training. In fact, I think it probably helps me do more on the whole, as I don't get bored with doing the same thing all the time.

I'm worried that I'll hit a training wall soon, and that it's going to get harder and harder to keep upping the mileage. I'd like to hit 20km next week for my longer runs. I've got just under three months to go, so I know I need to break that half-marathon boundary and get my body used to running for more than an hour. This Sunday I think I'll try and run for an hour and half, and see where that takes me.

In other news, I had a bit of a rowing epiphany the other day that I forgot to mention. Or maybe I just omitted it because it's pretty embarrassing I didn't realise it about... mmm... SIX YEARS AGO when I first started the sport! It sounds odd, but I've always been thinking about my blade in terms of its lateral movement past the gate, when suddenly, in the middle of yesterday morning's outing, I realised that it was all about the movement of the blade back and forward in the water.

I realise that probably doesn't make sense to a lot of people... Before I was thinking about the blade making a C shape past my rigger, now I realise it should be more of an I. Not sure that makes it any clearer!

Anyway, apparently it noticeably improved my finish when I suddenly switched on to that; at least that was the opinion within the boat. So, I'm looking forward to the next coached outing to see if someone from the bank picks up on the change! It's be awesome if it helps sort out my long standing problem of sustaining power through the stroke. But what an idiot for not realising sooner!! :p

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