Sunday, 5 February 2012

Neglected this blog slightly in the last week, but not my training, I hasten to add!

Wednesday I put in another 7km at the gym. Thursday was meant to start with rowing, but the river was so icy, it was a sprint erg instead. Finding it very difficult to get above rate 30 with any meaningful decrease in my split! Another thing to work on.

I went back to the Midlands Thursday afternoon, but went to the local gym with my Mom to put in fifty minutes of swimming in the evening (plus some time in the steam room and sauna, where I met some other first time London Marathoners. Glad it's not just me whose already feeling nervous about it all!).

Friday I did 5km on the erg, and then a forty minute steady run on the machines. Saturday was meant to be Newnham Short course, but the weather saw it called off. I put in a technical erg instead, and called it my rest day.

Today was therefore meant to be another long run, but I'm not keen to go out in the snow in case I fall over! I'm definitely being a wuss here, as I've seen other runners out, but I don't want to turn an ankle or something right now (and the gym is shut as the staff haven't been able to get it, so can't treadmill either...). Instead, here's a picture of what I have achieved today!

Tomorrow I'm mean to have an outing and an erg; will definitely do the latter, might try and do a long run at the gym if the former is cancelled due to the weather.

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