Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Didn't manage an hour and a half run yesterday as I was so late finishing work :( Did an hour at a steady 11km/hr pace; it felt comfortable as I finished, like it could be sustained for much longer, but I was dreadfully bored and quite glad of an excuse to stop which makes me sad ;(

Running outdoors still seems dangerous; I slipped on my way into the gym last night and skidded along quite a way (though thankfully I kept on my feet!). I've never been very good at staying upright at the best of times - I remember my cross-country coach telling me I needed to 'trust my feet' more on a particularly muddy run. I nodded, set off, and promptly fell flat on my face. It wasn't the last time I did that either. I don't think my feet can be trusted, which means I need to stay indoors, and thus need to find a way of amusing myself when I'm on the treadmill. Will go again later today, and try and push out the mileage a bit more.

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